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GRAD High Efficiency and Energy Saving Centrifugal Chiller Gain the China Technology Market Golden Bridge Award

On November 18th, the eighth Chinese Technology Market Golden Bridge Medal presentation conference was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Our high efficiency and energy saving centrifugal chiller won the "China technology market Golden Bridge Award" outstanding project award.It is the highest award in the national technology market.

       "China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Award" that is authorized by the National Office of science and technology awards, outstanding projects converting advanced collective, made outstanding contributions to reward the national technology market in advanced individual and scientific and technological achievements, is the award of the national technology market industry, selected once every two years, this award is the highest honor of enterprise the definition of community brand influence.

      In three categories, outstanding projects award focus on technology, especially independent innovation in the field of high technology. the formation of industry leading brands and application of high technology to traditional industry equipment and technology development of the industry transformation or project to solve difficult and key problems.

      "China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Award" is the former State Science and technology to carry out the "national technology market Golden Bridge Award" (the equivalent of second award of National Science and Technology Progress) continuation. According to the new national science and technology award method, authorized the China Technology Market Association to carry out this work, in order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the prosperity and development of China's technology market.

      In addition, high efficiency energy saving centrifugal chiller was also included in the Ministry of national  "energy-saving electrical equipment (products) recommended directory (Fifth Batch)", won the 2015 annual Shandong province major energy conservation award, Dezhou Science and Technology Award, and recently pass first trial  by China electronic energy saving Technology Association of new technology of electronic energy-saving new products entry.  

Relying on science and technology innovation, GRAD products receive more and more awards, which fully reflects the group innovation of science and technology has reached a new level. It is of significant importance to enhance the group's brand image and promote  products sale.