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GRAD Falling Film Chiller Won the Gold Award of Science and Technology Innovation

On December 1-2, Second Enterprise Technology Workers Innovation Contest is held in Dezhou city. GRAD Group chiller company team took part in the competition.

This competition is organized by Science Association and Finance Bureau, the theme is innovation, cooperation and development. The city's 55 major science and technology innovation projects accepted the judge professors'  initial evaluation, re-evaluation and open defense. The contest invited the professors from provincial key institutions and industry leading experts as judges. They judge the project at site. In order to highlight the fairness and transparency, the evaluation is open to the public. The "top ten technology innovation team"and "top ten technology innovation model"  is produced in initial evaluation. Gold medal silver medal and bronze medal are produced in re-evaluation and open defense.

In this competition, our chiller company team has gained remarkable achievements, won the "falling film chiller Science & Technology Innovation Gold Award", "top ten technology innovation team". Ma Guifeng won the "top ten technology innovation model" title.

The falling film chiller award is another medal  after the science and technology progress award this year. The chiller can be outstanding in many competitors, is the result of  R & D team efforts and leaders' support.The chiller company will continue to work hard and strive for more awards.