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SS counter flow cooling tower


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 CNDC  coutner flow cooling tower

CNDC series stainless steel counter flow square cooling tower depends on the traditional FRP square cooling tower to design the material,structure,draft,and select the proper inner parts.All parts and material must be inspected and tested strictly to guarantee the service life and reliable operation.The special and excellent mechanization technology modification offer reliability of cooling tower,and reduce the tower weight.So the CNDC series stainless steel counter flow square cooling tower have many performance like light weight,high efficiency,reliable operation and so on.In addition,the cooling tower adopt new type frequency device to come true automatic controlling fan speed according to cooling water temperature under different temperature condition.And it can saving energy and lower noise.

Main parts material and function


Adopt closed special motor,it can operate under wet and hot condition with high efficiency,low noise,long service life and high reliability .It can be chose national or imported motor and frequency converter.

Belt and reduction box

Imported V belt. Reduction box adopts closed shell and double seal ring water proof structure.The operation is stable with low noise and good waterproof after debugging.


Electrochemical corrosion process on the surface,balance debugging,large string angle space distorted structure,large air volume,high efficient,low noise, anti-corrosion.

Tower frame

Adopt high quality ss304 stainless steel bending forming,anti-corrosion,light weight,long service life,good appearance,easy assembly.


Make guard board into sandwich structure,outer material use ss304 bending forming,anti-corrosion,no rust,good appearance,intermediate polyurethane foaming materials,it can dead noise and heat insulation.At the same time,it can enhance the guard board strength,Inner is smooth and flame resistance glass fiber panel with anti-corrosion and no rust.

Shutter and water collecting tank

High quality ss304 stainless steel bending forming,anti-aging,high strength,light weight,good appearance

Air Duct

Adopt high quality FRP compound material,arc transition,smooth surface,Reducing wind resistance,offering good airflow condition,barcol hardness35,bending strength 147Mpa,oxygen index28,bright surface ,uniform color.


High quality modification PVC flame resistance filler,Flame retardant properties oxygen index38,Meet NDGL88-89 requirement,trapezoidal block combination,good surface hydrophilicity,large cooling area,small wind resistance,high cooling effect,anti-corrosion,long life service.

Sound deadening mat

Adopt high quality acoustic material,the anti corrosion and acoustic effect are good.It can reduce the running noise of cooling tower effectively.

Water collector

High quality modification PVC,Flame retardant properties oxygen index38,The reasonable three-dimensional shape design can control the water loss;Functions:high efficient for water collecting,high strength,non transformation and so on.


Adopt fixed high efficient sprayer,it make the water spray every place of the tower.And there are many functions like automatic descaling,long service life,non jam,high efficient etc.

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