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Fan Wall AHU


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Grad Group design the fan wall AHU , which is using USA technology for reference.It is new energy saving and environment-oriented product and gains honor of "filling domestic blank; reaching international advanced technology ", it is one of independent intellectual property products. Advantages comparing with traditional AHU: when the air volume is above 100000, its special fan wall system(several fan unit in line)solves the problems of  heavy fan weight,long fan sections and high noise.Besides,it can operate with saving energy by closing fan quantity or adopting converter technique. (Inner fan,is centrifugal fan without volute, and special double wing type aluminium blade with low noise,lower 3db than normal fan. Motor direct joint driving,there is no dust from broken belt and avoiding second pollute. Protective screen on the outlet: steel screen painted with safe protective effect.) Fan Wall technology will be the upgrade product of central air condition in the future. Our first unit (200000 air volume) is exported into Philippines( in the solar power storage battery mill of sunpower)

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